• Julian James, 2 years ago

    Design systems transcend design. And, even as a solo designer, which I am, if you’re working on huge documents with hundreds of components, styles, flows and pages they have massive value if for no other reason than to stop you repeating yourself and pissing development off :)

    They do take a long time upfront but I’m at a point now where dev can lunch new functionality with very little input from me other than the UX thinking and some lightweight wire frames. I’ve made my money back many times over.

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    • Account deleted 2 years ago

      I've made more money from just handing off using invision and sketch, without having to outlay hours building a design system. That's why I said sometimes it's a good idea. I thought I had made it pretty clear it was an ambiguous question with different answers depending on the circumstance. I guess not.

      For example, In the last two months, I have designed from the ground up 4 different websites, 1 desktop app and 2 phone apps. Each was done in around 2 weeks and need to be done in a hurry (like always) It would've been a waste of time to implement a design system for each of these projects and if I had presented one to the clients, their reaction would've ranged from 'That's nice but what is the point of this' to 'you're not getting paid for this.'

      So yeah:

      TL:DR Sometimes? ¯(ツ)

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