• Jan ZhengJan Zheng, over 3 years ago

    I'm a freelance designer that have spent the last half year working on a startup.

    I've been reusing a lot of my stuff, and I've recently been compiling them into a design & build system, combining SCSS, JS, and Vue components. It's super quick to launch new sites for me. The design system is highly work in progress, but here it is: https://janzheng.com/stylecoeur/index.html

    Part of what makes it valuable for me is I've added it to npm as a package: npmjs.com/package/coeur so every time I update it, add a new feature, etc. I can immediately update all the projects that rely on it

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    • Philip A, over 3 years ago

      Wow, impressive. This is really great it heads down the path that makes sense for me too.

      Carrying over general/conceptual design principles and UI elements over from project to project sounds amazing. Using NPM as a tool for that sounds great too. Thanks so much for your insights!

      Edit: Just on top of that, I've had thoughts about this before, using Github as a potential way of carting design things around. I use Tachyons as a base for each project (especially from a prototyping POV) but having more than just a single CSS library, having your entire workflow follow you around sounds... incredible.

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      • Jan ZhengJan Zheng, over 3 years ago

        Tachyons is a great base; I've used it for other side projects before but I've long wanted my own toolbox if you know what I mean. And at one point it made sense to recreate the wheel (and the cart, and the horse), but then you know exactly how all those pieces work, and you can make it fit all your needs. And sometimes this means cutting stuff that you don't need.

        Making your own is a great learning process, and highly recommended, once you're bored of Tachyons.

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