Vectorize raster graphics online

almost 3 years ago from Ivan Kutskir, Programmer

  • Marcel M., almost 3 years ago

    I like the simplicity of the vectorizer but mentioned in an earlier photopea thread that the overall interface and onboarding really needs some ui/ux love. (we're on Designer News so I guess mentioning that is totally legit).


    • Slider becomes unresponsive on a simple black and white image (1600*1400px)
    • Any plans on "normalizing" the path curve? right now it looks like your vectorizer produces a lot of anchor points along the edges?

    Thoughts on your last sentence (advice):

    People vectorizing objects on a professional level would never stick to a free tool even if it's better than any paid software out there. So you'll reach people that vectorize images "from time to time" or maybe "once a year". It's hard for them to stick to photopea if vectorizing is the only need (they simply use 1% of your software).

    If you try to answer these questions you'll probably understand why it's hard to build a solid userbase for photopea vectorizer: What do you expect people to do? What is your ideal customer/user?

    Do they bookmark photopea and whenever they are inside illustrator/affinity they will remember that your vectorizer was a little better (spoiler: they won't) and head over to photopea?

    Does the Photoshop/Sketch/Figma user remember photopea whenever they are in need of a "raster to vector image"? Why would the want a vector image in their pixel based software (except icons but that's where they would probably vectorize manually and pixel perfect anyways)

    These are the questions I would ask myself if I was trying to understand my users and their way of using photopea :)

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