Sketch dynamic colors library

4 years ago from Florian Butour, Product Designer

  • Richard SisonRichard Sison, 4 years ago

    Yeah, a more global implementation of colours would be fantastic. Because there are workarounds, it's not in my top 3 issues with Sketch but I definitely understand the pain.

    My top things for Sketch right now are:

    1. Toggle-able properties for text styles. If I had to pick a new feature, I'd probably go for this.

      • I would love it if I didn't need to have a separate text style for a heading just because the colour or alignment is different. It would be great if I could create a base style with certain properties selected by a checkbox or something.
      • For example, for a Header style I might select font family and font size but NOTcolor or alignment. There are times you may want to activate all checkboxes (which would be the equivalent of all checkboxes being selected), but a lot of the time, this isn't the case. Even if the first iteration didn't allow for combining multiple styles (i.e. Base style, and colour style like CSS) it would be super helpful.
    2. Unitless line height please. We've got the ability to multiply the text size by a value already but it would be great if you could choose to define a specific line height (current) or have it multiply by a value regardless of its font size. Huge annoyance for me. It just feels like something that shouldn't need a plugin to handle…

    3. Stability in current ecosystem. Mainly with Sketch Mirror.

      • I generally don't experience the performance issues that has become the running joke whenever a new major update comes out but a lot of people do apparently. My points on stability are mainly around Sketch Mirror.
      • Before the latest update, whenever a project got to anything beyond one artboard with a few layers and groups, Sketch Mirror would just crash or just stop syncing (and wouldn't be able to reconnect. Often requiring restarting Sketch and Sketch Mirror…).
      • With the latest update (49), Sketch Mirror can't even zoom in anymore. So if your design is really tall (like for a website), you can't zoom in or see the design 1:1. It's ridiculous. I can't even comment on the stability or speed because I can't use it in its current state.
      • My workaround is to use Skala Preview (Mac), Sketch Preview (3rd Party Sketch plugin) and Skala View (iOS) to mirror my designs. This has been my Plan B for years and it's always been more stable that Sketch's native solution. I've been very patient for the stability of Sketch Mirror to bump up in priority, but the latest update really frustrated me… Clearly.

    Wow… What a rant. Didn't expect that to go so long.

    … +1 for Dynamic colors still!

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