Adobe XD - open .Sketch and .PSD files(

over 4 years ago from Alexandru Năstase, Senior Visual Designer & Art Director @

  • Thomas Lowry, over 4 years ago

    I am actually a Figma user, so cross-platform isn't difficult. Figma has been out of private beta for not that long and has a much more robust component system than arguably both of those tools, and comparable or better performance to boot. I would much rather use Figma or Sketch before I used XD (which also is no longer a Beta as of October), and is backed by the biggest producer of design tools for how long? Adobe will need to make many more improvements, and innovative features to win me back as a supporter, the post-Macromedia years, and subsequent migration to their CC platform was not fun: so much inconsistency between products and bugs. Its nice that there is a healthy dose of competition now, so it is nice to have choice. I would hope new features would be a priority for XD, before haphazardly importing Sketch files.

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