Dribbble is dying. Whats next?

almost 3 years ago from Alexey Sekachov, Product Designer

  • Metin SarayMetin Saray, over 2 years ago

    I think problem with Dribbble is the terrible search and discovery functions.

    I don't get why am I still seeing a post from 2013 as a 'popular' in the year of 2018. Shouldn't it be used more now? The views and likes should have overwritten the 2013 posts by now. It's just bottlenecking maybe some very talented people from getting seen.

    I'd love to see prospects getting features instead of some bullshit freebie vlogging designers that knows how to handle social media well. Like that beardy dude last year.

    If they had some sorf of a curation team that could nitpick some works or approach this in a more editorial way I think it's still a really great source of inspirations.

    It's just that they are are not trying anything which is a shame because they are still the top platform and there's tons to invest.

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