The key to gaining 15K+ followers on Dribbble & Instagram.

3 years ago from Jan Losert, Webflow/No-Code Enthusiast, Product Designer & Product Maker. Tweets as @janlosert. Pixels on

  • Aaron D, 3 years ago

    Wow, so now we are writing articles how to boost vanity metrics that don't mean a thing in the professional world... Have we really have stooped this low as a design community? What's next, a $200 course focused on "Creating the perfect Dribbble post"?

    We are designers. The core of our profession is to understand and solve problems that help enrich people's lives, and it is our duty to apply this not only to our employers/clients/end-users, but also our fellow designers. "How to get Dribbble/Instagram Famous" isn't a design problem, it's a problem of vanity and ego.

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