Sketch adds prototyping in version 49(

5 years ago from Nikola Durkan, UX designer / Founder @ Carmine

  • Arturo Rios Gutierrez, 5 years ago

    For those of us that work on websites/web apps, being to able to link different artboards to create responsive prototypes would be incredible. So far Anima App does it but it has a lot of bugs. Just imagine having a single, fully responsive prototype that you can share with your team to understand the behavior of components across devices.

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    • Iban Beldarrain, 5 years ago

      yeh, it's definitely a huge step forward for Sketch. I just can't wait to get some more capabilities as some basic animation options. Another good news is that from its last update, Zeplin is also supporting this, so at least in my company it will be really helpful for the devs.

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