Sketch adds prototyping in version 49(

5 years ago from Nikola Durkan, UX designer / Founder @ Carmine

  • Dan WilkinsonDan Wilkinson, 5 years ago

    Super slow and laggy for me today since updating. Affecting my workflow :( don't update yet!

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    • Eric BlattbergEric Blattberg, 5 years ago

      I got excited when I saw the update modal announcing prototyping, but am having the same experience as you: My primary work file is DRAGGING. My fault, I guess. Hope they improve the performance soon.

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    • Louis-André LabadieLouis-André Labadie, 5 years ago

      Yeah, I'm getting the same here. There's a ~1s delay on anything to do with manipulating layers.

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    • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, 5 years ago

      Panning across the canvas is pretty slow to refresh content across different artboards.

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    • Tou Lee, 5 years ago

      Yep. Found that out today after the update...Had to role back to 48.x to get what I need to get done.

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    • Jon MyersJon Myers, 5 years ago

      Same. Unusable. Seems like a sloppy, rushed out update. Invision Studio must be going full-public soon.

      Downgraded for now.

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    • August SchippertAugust Schippert, 5 years ago

      It's painfully slow....making Figma look like a beautiful gazelle prancing through a golden lit day down a narrow cobblestone hugging forrest with butterflies and birds flying and chirping along the way.

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    • Michael KingeryMichael Kingery, 5 years ago

      fwiw i started in safe mode and re-enabled my essential plugins and the selection lag went away. didn't spend time troubleshooting the issues but it could be an option.

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