Why UX is the next big thing in cryptocurrencies(imaginarycloud.com)

almost 3 years ago from Tiago Franco

  • Kyle D, almost 3 years ago


    Every time I send crypto to a new address and enter a long string of letters and numbers I have a mini heart attack thinking I spelled it wrong and my money will be gone forever.

    Whichever crypto succeeds will be the one that does away with hashed addresses in favor of mapping addresses to user-readable display names and sending cash in more sensible "chunks" than 0.00004683 BTC.

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    • Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, almost 3 years ago

      Especially if it becomes a widely-used currency in the future. Am I going to buy a box of tissues for .00000000000000000234223 BTC?

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    • Christoph OChristoph O, almost 3 years ago

      Luckily there are QR codes in a lot of places already. But yes, many wallets make you type or copy/paste addresses, which is also always a source of stress. I've been working with the Monero team and tried to get user-readable names for addresses, but one of the problems is that the blockchain doesn't have any way to store those names. They are always only stored in the local wallet, so those names wouldn't sync. Just one of those areas where decentralization makes things a little more difficult.

      For making it more pleasant to enter and display those dreaded addresses, I put some thoughts together recently over here.

      Lots of work to be done, for sure.

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