What sucks about my website?

2 years ago from Rich Clominson, Maker of Failory

  • Anand DoshiAnand Doshi, almost 2 years ago

    Hi Nico. I like the concept of your website! But, right now the design and content does not draw me in to spend time on it. The landing page gives only a one line text preview of what each story is about, without connecting me to the founder or the product. I like the abstract at the top of each article. Perhaps you can use that in the front page listing.

    I think the existing content can be structured (as a story?) for more emotional impact. Failure hurts, and is an experience that forces us to grow. The reader is someone who wants to learn from this experience, and is likely looking for a sticky message. The interview structure could work too, but lacks a rhythm.

    You should look at how The Great Discontent does it: https://thegreatdiscontent.com/interview/gary-taxali

    As a first step, just add more pictures and screenshot to give readers some context. Right now I feel lost as to what product are you talking about. Also, use quotes to bring attention to important lessons or events.

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    • Rich Clominson, almost 2 years ago

      Thanks for your feedback Anand! I will start working on creating a structure that gives more emotional impact.

      During the last weeks, I have started to ask for some screenshots and pictures of the business. I am publishing at least 2 per interview. But one of the biggest problems I have found is that some failed startup owners I have interviewed, have deleted all the images and existing data from the internet, and from their computers :/

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    • Samantha S, almost 2 years ago

      great link, thanks for sharing.

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