What sucks about my website?

over 2 years ago from Rich Clominson, Maker of Failory

  • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, over 2 years ago

    Side Commends

    • Remember to A/B test the new version and get feedback if its a drastic change.

    • Hot jar is analytics tool to watch your users use your site. They also let you prompt users with questions.

    • Also remember to find out what is working as well so you don't lose that as well.

    • Define what your goals are and set metrics... what does success look like for a new look.

    • Create a mood board of styles around the web that fit the vision of your brand.


    • Add the name to the site by the logo. Not all your users will come into the homepage... to be honest i like the big red text Failory on the homepage more then the icon.

    • Darker background makes it harder to read large amount of text.

    • Maybe better and more pronounced headlines since most of the companies are unknown. I wonder what get more clicks more direct with their problem like "How bad partners killed an e-Commerce" vs more vague one "From $250/Month to failure"

    • Summary text on the articles on the homepage, to provided better background to get me to click on a story.

    • Curious what is your share rate is since your share button is hidden

    • More imagery on the homepage. Just help me relate to the stories. Also make it look less of a link fest.

    • Filters to stand out more. I didn't even know they existed.

    Sorry for the formatting... DN keeps removing my list items

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    • , over 2 years ago

      This is such a valuable feedback Scott! Thank you very much ;)

      Here are a few answers to some of your points:

      • We know it is much more difficult to read on a dark background. Do you think we should change the colors? Our users already connect the dark theme with Failory.

      • Headlines with numbers tend to engage more :)

      • Where would you put the share button? We don't want to bother our readers, that is why it is the corner.

      • I will definitely make filters more visible!

      Thanks again Scott! I really appreciate this.

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      • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, over 2 years ago
        • Ha! Never excepted the hits on the numbers!

        • One way to increase legibility is to Increase the font-size and line height. Medium I think is 21px, Washington Post & verge is 18px. Darker background, will make user strain more to read, which is why you don't see a lot of dark sites that showcase blocks of content. Then again, if just me complaining about it, it not worth changing.

        • Regarding the share, that arrow you used is more for a "return" or "exit" then a share button. Usually share buttons have that weird molecule icon or a plus sign. Also, having it in the corner is more out of sight our of mind. This is why you find the social buttons on the left hand side of the article. If you are worried about space, addthis offers you different breakpoints to toggle methods to show it. I would try moving the share options around as an experiment and see what gets more action. http://www.addthis.com/get/share

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