What sucks about my website?

2 years ago from Rich Clominson, Maker of Failory

  • Rich Clominson, almost 2 years ago

    Okay, that's true. People who arrive directly to a Failory interview can think it is a landing page. I should work on this. However, I think that someone who is navigating around the website will realize its just a content page.

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    • iterati designiterati design, almost 2 years ago

      Yes, you are right, but it's an additional cognitive load and it takes a while before you realise where you are and what you're supposed to do there.

      Also, stories on the homescreen look nothing like articles, and are overwhelmed by tags.

      In a nutshell, make the background white or dark-grey, make the type larger with body at least 18pt. Scale down on colors.

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