• Michiel -Michiel -, over 2 years ago

    Been using Eagle extensively for a few months. Love it. There are a few small bugs and some counter-intuitive things, but the team is solidly releasing updates all the time. Every major gripe I had in the beginning has been fixed.

    I used to use Inboard, but it's vaporware. The team promises a lot of stuff, but they've obviously given up developing. After releasing it in the app store I bought it because I believed their story (they needed funds to continue development), but they haven't released a solid update since. Lots of bugs in there too.

    Only thing I wished Eagle nailed as well as Inboard is the pinterest-style layout. Eagle has horizontal masonry, while Inboard does it vertically.

    Anyway, I recommend Eagle to everyone. Solid browser-plugin (Safari-tested), quick UI, lots of updates.

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