• David SurianoDavid Suriano, 3 years ago

    From what I understand Forestry doesn't support Gatsby static sites. Any insight into if this is something we can expect moving forward?

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    • , 3 years ago

      That's right, we currently support Jekyll and Hugo. Supporting Gatsby is something we would like to do but it's not currently on our roadmap. Do you exclusively use Gatsby?

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      • Hunter CaronHunter Caron, 3 years ago

        Not David but I'll chime in here. I used to use Jekyll but after trying Gatsby, I have been using it exclusively in my production sites. Can't beat the speed / ease of GraphQL data. Feels really modern.

        I've been using Netlify CMS with Gatsby (also git based) but Forestry.io seems great (& beautiful). The Gatsby community is pretty active and could probably help work on integration.

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        • Scott Gallant, 3 years ago

          Like Jekyll, does most of your content live in Markdown files and Front Matter? Or to do you use other data sources for your Gatsby sites?

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          • Hunter CaronHunter Caron, 3 years ago

            Most of the sites I’ve done recently the content lives in Markdown and Frontmatter yeah! Super flexible.

            The other data sources are cool, but markdown usually make the most sense and is well supported with plugins/tutorials/etc.

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      • Ryan Slama, 3 years ago

        Just want to second Gatsby. I recently moved my site from Jekyll on Github pages to Gatsby on Netlify and never plan to move back.

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