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2 years ago from Nick Budden, CEO @ Phase

  • Nick Budden, 2 years ago

    Hey Peter!

    “If you can’t somehow generate designs into code that conform to whatever the production tech stack is, there is no way to deliver on the inherent promises of the tool.” - yep, you’re 100% right. This is what “generate code” products never seem to have understood before.

    In export to code the idea is to pass the design’s raw data (well structured) into an export script. We’ll ship some pre-built export scripts, but you can create your own too to customize it any way you want. This way you can get exactly the code you want on the other side. If you’re a coder, it’s really more accurate to think of it as a build pipeline than a traditional export.

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    • Peter Vogt, 2 years ago

      Sounds a bit like how game dev works almost. Very interesting. I'm rooting for you guys!

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