Meet Phase — Digital Design Reinvented(

2 years ago from Nick Budden, CEO @ Phase

  • Jon MyersJon Myers, 2 years ago

    Well, as a designer, I’m not going to complain about having yet, another design tool as an option. So, bring it on.

    Congratulations on building something - it’s certainly ambitious.

    As with others, I meet your post and claims, hopeful, but with a high degree of skepticism. However, I’ll certainly give it a try. It looks promising.

    I feel like if you’re going to go public with “Digital Design Reinvented” - you have to get a little more specific or you waste the opportunity when you have our attention.

    When Invision Studio went public with announcements there were at least video snippets of the product in action. I could imagine myself using the product.

    Kinda like - don’t tell us what you’re gonna do with marketing splash, just show us and let the product do the talking. The concept is familiar (adaptive, symbols, etc., etc.,) - yet, the product is cryptic and abstract. Seems like a Dribbble shot of a white Sketch UI. I have no connection.

    Regardless, just trying to be helpful and give feedback, wishing you all well and I’m looking forward to trying out the product.

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