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2 years ago from Nick Budden, CEO @ Phase

  • Nick Budden, 2 years ago

    Hey Mathieu!

    Glad to hear you've signed up! You're right that the server's pretty instant. It's a fake delay that I put in there butttt it wasn't meant as any dirty a marketing tactic. When we tried the form and it instantly disappeared, it felt like it was broken. Some people didn't feel sure it went through. So we just really quickly (like, in 10min) threw a second page in there just to show that it worked.

    The marketing manipulation feeling was totally unintentional - just didn't want people to feel the form was broken so threw in a quick fix. Sorry about that ;)

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    • Mathieu MayerMathieu Mayer, 2 years ago

      I see. Maybe a confirmation message that the submission went through is a faster and more standard (accessible too) approach :) Anyway, thank you for your answer. Good luck with launch!

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