PixelSnap — Measure every pixel on your screen with ease(getpixelsnap.com)

over 5 years ago from Paweł Magiera, Graphic designer

  • Norm Sheeran, over 5 years ago

    I’m interested to know why $5? The product screams quality, I personally think it’s worth more than $5 to any designer or front end dev. $15 is like 5mins work on today’s hourly rates in a lot of the world.

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    • Zsolt Istvan, over 5 years ago

      Looking at how this tool helps my workflow, IMHO $15 is a bargain

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    • Chris LüdersChris Lüders, over 5 years ago

      youre getting 180$ per hour? what am i doing wrong? 5$ because its not really feeling like a whole tool. more like a small feature or plugin. Its just a small thing, nothing I use all the time. Its just a small app. you know? im not saying its easy to develop or its not helpful - its just not a huge thing for me. Im sure its worth 15$ - but i wont pay 15 and im not a thrifty person

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      • Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, over 5 years ago

        I guess it depends on your workflow. But I'm constantly trying to figure out the distances between elements on my screen. I just bought it, and it's such a handy tool that I will absolutely be using every day.

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