AMA: All About Extensibility in Adobe XD

almost 4 years ago from Kyle Galle, Design Marketing, UI/UX @ Adobe

  • Riho KrollRiho Kroll, almost 4 years ago

    Sounds good!

    Yea, I meant the fonts tab in CC Desktop App. My current flow is 'I need font X' > find CC tray icon > open CC desktop > go to assets tab > go to fonts tab (because marketplace is the default tab) > click manage fonts > realize I am logged in with my personal account on the web and am now syncing my personal fonts at my home computer > log out of my personal account > back to CC desktop and click 'manage fonts' (so I don't have to manually login to my work account) > go to home page (where the search bar has now moved to a completely different place) > find the search bar again > search > find the font > sync the font > get a success screen with a red bar that says I have gone over my font limit? but it works anyway? > back to work and repeat the next time I need a new font.

    I do think overall TypeKit is great. And maybe the added step of having a personal account logged in (for Behance mainly) is more of an edge case, but it's hard to argue against that overall the experience is not optimal at the moment.

    What would certainly help for me is removing the extra step of having to go through a browser (and deal with whatever my login situation might be there) and just have a simple search in the desktop app itself. That cuts down on a lot of steps.

    Of course even more nice would be if I was in, say, Photoshop and I typed into the font field a font that I don't have (but is available on TypeKit), I could just select the font, it would just download it automatically (a progress bar makes sense here of course) and I can continue without ever leaving Photoshop (something to think about for XD perhaps).

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