Figma raises $25 million Series B led by new Kleiner partner Mamoon Hamid(

over 3 years ago from Zach Grosser, Designer in Amsterdam

  • Dylan FieldDylan Field, over 3 years ago

    Hey Marcel, you're right in that we will be using a decent portion of this fundraise to develop the sales / marketing side of the organization + generally try to grow awareness. But that's not at the expense of the product or customer; we're continuing to invest most heavily in eng / design / support. This is a super competitive market and we will lose if we fall behind on the customer experience or our customers can be more productive elsewhere.

    On "lock in" there are a few initiatives wrapping up in next few months that will make it easier to get data out of the product. We believe that we will have less adoption if we pursue aggressive data lock in strategies / that is ultimately bad for our business.

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