• Rick Martin, over 3 years ago

    I think it might be an aversion to generators that use NPM. I'm only a novice programmer/developer at best, and I always feel like I'm swimming in deep waters when I use NPM. Also, Poole is a Python thingy, and Python is the only language I can claim even the littlest bit of competency in.

    I like blog generators (I use Pelican for my own blog) but I just wanted a simple site. Before poole, MKdocs was my favorite non-blog generator. But now it's Poole (Though poole has a secondary blog function too). No affiliation, I just like it.

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    • Bradley TauntBradley Taunt, over 3 years ago

      Yeah that's awesome, always curious about other developer / designer thought processes behind their stack choices. Now you're got me interested in Pelican as well (really nice and clean personal blog btw)

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