• Jarrod DrysdaleJarrod Drysdale, almost 3 years ago

    Depending on how want to you do it, you might look up the design term "gradual engagement". (It applies to all kinds of use flows, not just signup, but I think the most common example is signups.) The idea is that you allow users to engage with the app and start using it before actually adding their account info and signing up. It works by essentially creating anonymous users, that then get populated with account data gradually as people use the app.

    Here's an old example from Twitter, although it includes a password, the password could be moved later in the flow.

    Obviously there's also Oauth (Sign in with your google account / twitter/ facebook / github / etc).

    I've also seen developer docs about letting people sign in/up with just their phone number. I haven't found a good example of this yet, but Google's Firebase provides built in support for it.

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    • Cameron Rohani, almost 3 years ago

      I'm doing exactly this with my website builder. Users can make a full website and have it saved to their browser, but you only need to sign up once they want to publish, download, or edit their website on another device.

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      • Youri RoggevenYouri Roggeven, almost 3 years ago

        another example is duolingo, where you can 'taste' the product and do some of the challenges before you actually need to create a profile

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