unDraw - MIT licensed illustrations(undraw.co)

over 2 years ago from Surjith S M, Freelance Web Designer

  • Robin GoyalRobin Goyal, over 2 years ago

    hey Since you gonna add lots of illustrations on your website. I think you should add 'search' functionality so that users like me can easily find what kind of illustrations we want by name or more filters. When I went to your website first time, I'd no idea how many illustrations are there. It kept 'loading more' when I was scrolling down. At that time, It created cognitive friction in my mind since I was expecting there will be a lot but there was not. So my mental model didn't match with your system's cognitive model and it created friction in my mind. Also, you could mention there about pages or no. of illustrations you have.

    It's just a advise, though.

    Thank you again for those illustrations. It's gonna help me a lot.

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