What’s Up With the Helvetica Font in ‘The Post’?(theringer.com)

4 years ago from John Park, Creative Director at Arts and Sciences Marketing www.artsandsci.com

  • Jake BarryJake Barry, 4 years ago

    To add to Darren’s point, even if The Washington Post logo or a “newspaper-y looking” serif (good god) would have made the movie look like something from WP and wouldn’t stand out as this design does (I would guess that had they gone that direction, many would scroll past/miss the poster subconsciously because many of us see the WP logo every day). Using Helvetica helps this movie differentiate from a branding perspective, while not injecting a strong aesthetic otherwise. The decision to set the cast billing in a larger type size than the title leads to this conclusion as well.

    I haven’t seen The Post yet, but given the period covered, this branding fits the era as well (I realize this borders contradiction with what I said above, but hopefully this makes some sense).

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