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  • Adam Fisher-CoxAdam Fisher-Cox, almost 4 years ago

    The website serves the purpose of validating this message, putting a public face on the movement, and providing information for people who want to find out more about it. This isn't a movement where people who are assholes are going to come around on the issue. It's critically important that this not be an "in the shadows" thing anymore and having a public face and list of "rules" is integral to that. An exaggerated extension of your logic is that there's no point in writing down laws against murder because you're not going to convince anyone who already wants to kill someone not to.

    On the design front, please elaborate. It's not the most interesting but it's certainly clear and not at all hard to get the message. I can't see any way it gets in the way of its own goal from a design perspective.

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    • Account deleted almost 4 years ago

      That's not an exaggerated version of my logic at all, because not murdering someone is a law, where as having a list compiled by a random group of people that say something like 'If someone reports something to you, believe them' is complete bullshit. It hasn't been thought out fully and been through reviews by trusted lawmakers.

      Also on the design front:

      Crap layout Mixed messages Terrible flow JPG's of text

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      • Adam Fisher-CoxAdam Fisher-Cox, almost 4 years ago

        Crap layout/mixed messages is not a valid critique. Explain what's wrong and bring some solutions to the table here. Didn't notice the JPGs which certainly need to be addressed.

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        • Account deleted almost 4 years ago

          okay, here you go:

          Crap layout = massive page of text straight under the hero area - Users will be put off because they cant be bothered reading a massive wall of text. Break it up with images like every single other website has figure out have to do.

          Next, the left then right aligned section has ugly (subjective) lines leading the viewer - could've used a cleaner set up here and relied on implied lines to leader the viewer around.

          next section is alright, but probably could've been done better. Maybe use some icons or images or something to switch up the layout, because its another massive section of text, which will be off-putting to users

          Scrolling down, more non-retina images that look blurry.

          after that, another huge wall of text. Could use something to show relevant information, accordions perhaps?

          under additional trusted resources, more non-retina, unaligned images

          what you can do: ANOTHER wall of text

          under that, more wonky lines, contrasting with lines on in the background

          down the bottom, a random curvy line that's come out of nowhere and is completely at odds with the visual style of the rest of the site

          also, throughout the whole thing is times new roman (again subjective, but come on, even Trajan would've worked better here), with kerning all over place in different sections.

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