• Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 2 years ago

    Yeah I have a similar experience, and I think I'm reacting more to the overall trend of "Design Systems" articles and other large design team written articles lately rather than this specific one which really is scoped more to just symbols and documentation of those symbols which my two-person team does as well.

    We also have a brand/code guide, but we've struggled to keep it up to date with rapid design iterations and struggled to enforce better developer implementation of those guides.

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    • Dan OC, over 2 years ago

      What I have seen over the past few years is how the expectations of developers and designers have changed so drastically and the list skill sets they should possess has just continued to grow.

      In reality, there are very few, real, 'full-stack' designers or developers and everything ends up being watered down. It seems to create a void somewhere between design and development.

      It really feels like a hybrid design-developer role should become more of a thing.

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