Are Designers Stingy?

over 2 years ago from Juan J. Ramirez, Another Designer

  • Nicole AydëNicole Aydë, over 2 years ago

    I love this question - I don't really have an answer for anyone else, but I try to get software comped through work when I'm in-house. When I'm freelance, I try to find free software to minimize my cost since nothing is so essential to my work that I can't find some free alternative, or analog alternative.

    Creatives I feel are charged for our tools even when not dealing with software, and our tools are more likely to be expendable or out of date within a shorter time frame than other vocations. For instance as you stated, developers generally learn more robust languages and their investment would be their computer. Even with traditional creatives, you have to pay for paint and canvas, and those only have one use.

    In terms of software, there is a lot of churn capitalizing on the growth in design, making it difficult to figure out which technologies will stay and which will go.

    But thanks for asking this, it made me think a bit!

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