Are Designers Stingy?

over 2 years ago from Juan J. Ramirez, Another Designer

  • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, over 2 years ago

    Well, especially for the Sketch Dark Theme - most people are used to having this as a vanilla customization Option, I know I am, so paying 8$ for something that you might miss as a vanilla feature in the first place, can seem like too much money. Especially knowing, that updates on the software will require them to make updates, but as the revenue stream will not be consistent, they will loose their "funding" if you say so over time, which means that your "dark theme" will only be partially working or not working at all anymore. So that is why 8$ was too much for me, specifically.

    And, I will not pay as much as 40$ for a plugin. I do understand that other ecosystems involving audio, video and gaming have much much higher prices, but that anima plugin, timeline, seems to me like a tool for just "playing around", rather than something that would become part of my toolchain. But, I have to say, that I am a frontend developer and when it comes to animations then I have to consider the technical capabilities of the medium. I, most of the time, rely on CSS-powered Animations. And even though it would be nice to be able to do this directly in sketch, I'd honestly save those few hours and do it directly on codepen. Even if it had an option to export it to svg/css/js, it would probably not be compatible with my/our way of writing frontend code, because it is opinionated, like every code is. User Interface Animations are inherently part of Planing and Thinking In Code, if you wanna to them well. You shouldn't just "drop animation on top of it", you need to plan around it. If you want Page transitions, you are probably going to end up rendering everything via JavaScript. What if you can't do that, because your existing project relies heavily on serverside routing and rendering? Because this is such an unsolved (generic) Problem in current UI Design Tools, I am to careful to pay that much money for a tool that will probably just end up being something to play with for a few hours and never use it again.

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