Are Designers Stingy?

over 2 years ago from Juan J. Ramirez, Another Designer

  • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 2 years ago

    I think my answer would be that I'm becoming increasingly aware of how much of my transactions these days are micro subscriptions, whether for tools, charity/support models, entertainment, gaming, whatever, and this stuff does add up over time despite the low price tag.

    A Sketch Dark Theme (which more than a few realized they didn't want that badly after all) is more or less the kind of low-hanging fruit purchase a store will put at the checkout counter.

    But as others have mentioned, there are psychological biases that could be to blame for this "stinginess." For example, there is no Sketch Midnight competitor besides "$0" and "vanilla." Theoretically, the same team could release a premium tier, or we could see an entirely separate product (Sketch Slate, let's say) that costs $19.99, and that alone would upset our impression of the pricing.

    But as far as tools go in general, designers shouldn't feel the need to test drive every single option out there just because it exists or they want to add it to their line-up on a CV. My rule of thumb is: "Does this tool solve a problem that nothing else does, or perhaps even better than anything I use now? Further more, does this solution create a new problem (e.g. "Oh shit, this coffeescript is a pain in the ass.")

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