Has Apple Lost Its Design Mojo?(fortune.com)

almost 3 years ago from Daniel Pape, Product Designer

  • Harper Lieblich, almost 3 years ago

    Yes, of course it has. Back when you could interrupt the cell signal on the iPhone 4 by holding it wrong.

    Actually it was earlier than that. It was when they made the bezels on the original iPad to thick.

    Now that I think about it, they actually lost their mojo when they released that ugly, fat, little iPod Nano.

    No wait, it was when they designed the Mac Cube with not enough computing power.

    Or when they released the original iPod with a FireWire port and a scroll wheel that would fall out if you dropped it.

    Never mind, it was actually when apple released the iMac with a round hockey puck mouse.

    Yup, Apple lost their design mojo in 1998.

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