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almost 3 years ago from alexey pushkarev, VR/360/virtual tour freelancer

  • Andy StoneAndy Stone, almost 3 years ago

    While the community always says that design should be valued and that "designers deserve a seat at the table" because they can help the growth of the business, we have people who are willing to spend hours on a foolish project just to troll on another group who built something of their own.

    People bitched about Sketch Dark and it being $8. It took a lot of work to make, and $8 is nothing if that is a UI improvement that you want to see.

    Instead of spending their time volunteering on a project to help a non-profit, or to create something unique that showcases their unique talents, people in the community make a "joke" DN Dark. The description up top was just meant to troll on the Sketch Dark team and get a rise out of people.

    That's not what design is meant to do. That's not how designers should treat each other. If this is a design community, it should be about making the world a more accessible, a more beautiful, a more empathetic space.

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    • alexey pushkarev, almost 3 years ago

      Man, I absolutely don't care about sketch dark UI cause don't use one. Though I agree on work of this gyus is worth 8$ or whatever they ask for it. And definitely would buy one when needed.

      I also agree the badge does not fit the topic completely. If you see here any trolling—sorry, that's not right. I'm new to this community and read posts and discussions once in several months.

      When you call my 'project' foolish – sorry, I can't agree again. And won't discuss here why. I don't want to call it project at all: there is nothing for that. Just some stuff that I made for personal use. That took real hours no one payed for. And I see people who need it too. So why not showing it? If you find it a 'joke'—you're welcome!

      I see this situation as a coincidence that led to wrong conclusions.

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    • Tim Kjær LangeTim Kjær Lange, over 2 years ago

      Is it impossible to do a small CSS hack project and have a strategic mindset?

      How do you know that Alexey doesn't spend his time volunteering?

      Is it mistreating other designers to create a custom Stylish theme?

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