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over 5 years ago from Ravi Shanker, Graduate @ SVA

  • Or Arbel, over 5 years ago

    Thanks, Jan! A few years?! more like a few months ;)

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    • Jan ZhengJan Zheng, over 5 years ago

      well, if you're able to re-implement their AS3 language, along with full sound API, then I'm way, way on board :)

      Making quick game prototypes was still easier a decade ago on Flash and AS3 than it is now, with JS and HTML5. It's like everyone collectively decided to smash all the cars and get back on horses again, because some guy named Steve thought cars were unsafe

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      • Mark Horgan, over 5 years ago

        They don’t have to! ActionScript 3 was based on an early version of ES6 that was never released (ES4).

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