2018 Portfolio Launch — Happy New Year!

almost 3 years ago from Alejandro Dorantes, ui/ux @ anagrama.com — mim.st

  • Tim SilvaTim Silva, almost 3 years ago

    Really nice new folio Alejandro!

    A few tiny details: The © in the footer, and the text around, it, is super tiny. Ken already caught the "your's" typo, noticed that as well. Also, I think the Dribbble and LinkedIn links could use some spacing between them, they feel so smashed together. Also that link color (E3EFC9) the off-white yellow is hard to distinguish from the other text. I'm sure you picked that color for a reason, but perhaps staying consistent with other colors or using a more distinguishing yellow would be more effective.

    I love the LARGE hit-spaces for the portfolio items/navigation. Impossible to miss, and the hover effect is pleasant. I think the desktop/monitor view has the item titles and the right-aligned categories a bit far apart (but I see why, with the grid and all).

    Most importantly, the content. Each piece has TONS of high quality images, ideas, etc. Exactly what I would want to see. There are plenty of new ones in there that I hadn't seen before either, really enjoy looking through each one. Overall; holy cow you're on fire!

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