Magic Leap — Welcome to Day One(

3 years ago from Albert Ramirez, Product Designer at Stuart

  • John PJohn P, 3 years ago

    I really didn't liked how they could not use the real product images. It feels like scam

    Neither does Apple, neither does Ikea

    Also their logo is looking pretty unprofessional also doesn't even resembles anything with the product or their industry

    I like it, has a bit of whimsy to it which makes a lot of sense when clearly they're not just working on this as purely a tech project but collaborating with many creatives and creative companies to build the tech and the content close together.

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    • Michael KingeryMichael Kingery, 3 years ago

      apparently fwiw these are actually all physical - with only slight tweaks to protect trade secrets - whatever that entails.

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