InVision V7 | Updates for 2018(

over 2 years ago from Stephen Olmstead, Design Partnerships @ InVision App

  • Stephen OlmsteadStephen Olmstead, over 2 years ago

    Hey Marcus - we use early access to tier roll-out releases of this when testing before full market general release. So filling out of this form allows us to create a catalogue of those looking to try this out before it hits primetime. Given how large of a backend infrastructure change this is for us, early soak testing is critical for us in Q1 and will be happening (there is a limited bucket for this based on deployment wave needs). There is absolutely no need to sign up for early access however if you want to wait until GA when this will hit for all customers thats entirely a valid option.

    We wanted to give folks an option to be involved on the frontside of things if desire, but absolutely an optional action. Cheers!

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