Millennials Are Screwed - The Huffington Post(

almost 4 years ago from Adam Crigger, Developer

  • Cale Dooper, almost 4 years ago

    This is why I save articles I want to read on Pocket. I don't have time or the tolerance for this stuff..

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    • Mike Wilson, almost 4 years ago

      Although I don’t think soylent-drinking, life/workflow optimizing tech bros like us are the average reader of a huffington post article like this.

      I’ve heard from a buddy of mine at Bloomberg that editorial-style articles like these typically out-perform in both time spent on the page and social shares. Our tastes aren’t neccesarily the tastes of the readership.

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      • Martin Stubbs, almost 4 years ago

        I'd be interested to see the percentage of users who clicked the "click here for a text only version" icon at the top.

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