Site Design: Huge(

2 years ago from Nic Trent, Lead Designer

  • Jon DarkeJon Darke, 2 years ago

    Does a good job of capturing Huge's personality. I'm sure their clients would recognise what they know & love about the company in it. I fear however few will get past the homepage as the navigation is completely undiscoverable. Bounce rate on the homepage must be sky-high. Have the nav open when landing and collapse on scroll.

    Echo the dislike of scroll-jacking, but it makes the kind of big brand impact their clients will want to see. It has a limited target audience who they're trying to wow. Impressive speed!

    Case study carrousels? Let me scroll please. One way ticket to ensuring most of your work is never seen.

    I like how everything is HUGE :) Looks pretty gorgeous though.

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