Open Source Sketch

over 2 years ago from Nick Dominguez, Product Design @ AVVAY

  • Norm Sheeran, over 2 years ago

    IMO, I can’t see it having a positive effect. I mean it’s not like GIMP is taking a vast market share away from Photoshop.

    And I don’t think comparing it to WP is a correct comparison.

    I personally prefer to buy in, I feel the app is then more sustainable, you get better support and it’s not as easy for the developers to just walk away from it.

    Just my opinion, but I don’t feel Sketch needs to be any bigger or beat all of it’s competitors. It’s never going to be the ultimate app, no app is. The talented guys and girls making Sketch just need to keep listening to their users, working hard and aiming to make a design product they love and are proud of. Being the biggest or most popular is just BS that eventually backfires on a company.

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