What does it take to be a lead designer?

almost 6 years ago from Cale Dooper, Product Designer

  • Matt WillettMatt Willett, almost 6 years ago

    Being the connective tissue of the team. A leadership role isn't necessarily about determining direction all the time, its about ensuring the team operates as best as it can, and that comes down to cohesion, communication, and craft.

    Cohesion in regards to everyone understanding the tasks at hand; and making sure there is an even foundation for the project.

    Communication is suuuper key. Regular check-ins on projects and updates are essential to keeping a team focused and working effectively.

    Craft, or Polish, would be reviewing and making sure that the work is the best possible form it can be. I feel it circles back from here to checking in; cohesion again, etc.

    One of the lead designers I've worked with in the past challenged my thought process and make me explore other options and experiment; any good leader should inspire and encourage their team to try new things and foster discussion. As a senior designer now, I try to encourage new members of the team to experiment, and on some projects have them lead the creative for a project. I think a great team is a super flexible one.

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