AMA: What’s Next for Adobe XD?

over 1 year ago from Rich Lee, Adobe XD

  • Franco Calcagni, over 1 year ago

    The most important feature (microinteractions of elements) is missed. That's a real pity. If it is not even planned for 2018 I am sorry but this tool will be almost unuseful for any professional UI/UX designer. I was really expecting to see that in the 2018 plan (or even before) but this missing feature will force us maybe to choose other platforms where that feature is available.


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    • Elaine Chao, over 1 year ago

      As I mentioned above, we're definitely working on increasing the fidelity of our animations, and you'll definitely see progress on this in 2018. As with the rest of the product, there's a lot of invisible work that happens before we roll out features, but once you get them, you'll see fast and furious improvements, as we're planning to continue our frequent release cadence. More to come in in the upcoming year!

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