almost 6 years ago from Maria Margarida Silva,

  • Charity De La CruzCharity De La Cruz, almost 6 years ago

    Well, the least I can say is that making the redesign is a step towards... change. The design is indeed clean, but I wouldn't say it's fresh, it's just new because it's different.

    There's definitely going to be a disruption to the user's normal navigation process but I do question the placement of some components of the site. I don't really know who meetup is targeting since:

    1. The Sign-up button on the homepage indicates that there are more new users coming to the website than old so their priority is activating those new users
    2. But then, I go inside one of the meetups and information about the meetup is located further below the next event. Wouldn't it make sense to have it towards up? But that's just my rationale seeing the sign-up button.

    Sad to hear that Meetup doesn't listen to feedback.

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