AMA: What’s Next for Adobe XD?

over 1 year ago from Rich Lee, Adobe XD

  • Kyle Galle, over 1 year ago

    Hi Bruce, you can save gradient fills in the Assets Panel which you can then reapply across your design. Apply a gradient to an object and while the object is still selected, and open the Assets Panel (bottom left side) and click the plus sign next to Colors. You can then select other objects to apply the gradient and you can also edit the gradient by right clicking on the swatch. You can see a demo here. Let me know if that helps!

    In regard to color management, we agree that this is an important feature, especially as the number of devices with different color spaces increases. Please feel free to upvote the feature here

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    • Bruce Vang, over 1 year ago

      That works. Thanks! It's still odd that saving the gradient in the color picker panel doesn't work like other UX applications.

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      • Kyle Galle, over 1 year ago

        Glad that helps and thank you for the feedback! Please feel free to upvote gradient swatches for the color picker here

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