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  • Ian WilliamsIan Williams, over 4 years ago

    Hey Antoine,

    Example Project

    When you get into the app, you should be greeted by an empty state with a link to example project. We didn't want to clutter you with anything you had to clean up from the get go :)

    Link to Example Project

    Differences from products like Dropbox Paper and Google Docs

    • With Tapwater, we want to focus on how small teams and contractors deliver and manage their work. The document editor is a big part of that vision, but the timeline is the main differentiating factor. It's a central place for everyone to collect deliverables, see progress, and make sure everyone has the stuff they need to do good work without much effort.
    • We make delivery and keeping a project log of the project a 1 step process.
    • Last, your clients don't have to sign up to receive updates :)
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