• Denis RojcykDenis Rojcyk, 5 years ago

    To be devils advocate here. The thread is not awful. What is awful is that the community is degrading other opinions solely on authors gender.

    If somebody no matter the gender creates a website which is mostly just photos of the person and video of him/her dancing, with photos in swimsuits, then critique like "it feels like a dating profile" is most certainly valid. You might not like it, you might not agree with it, but it is a feedback. Designers are often criticised for not being able to handle a critique, and this is a nice example of that.

    Somebody was mentioning Tobias Van Schneider website and comparing it with this. It is like comparing bananas with bread. Tobias website (while he looks like he is all about ego, and often gets some not so praising comments about it) has only one picture of the dude with a couple of thousands of pixels worth of scrolling of work. While this website is all about fancy photos and videos of the author with work being buried somewhere beneath.

    Gender has nothing to do with the feedback the website is getting. While the purpose of Helen's site might not be a portfolio showcase. She is presenting herself as a designer, and this is a designer news site, thus ppl are taking it as a designer website (and a portfolio).

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