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almost 4 years ago from Andreas Ellwanger, postgraduate student, Full Stack Developer / UX Researcher @aiderly

  • Ryan Slama, almost 4 years ago

    I like this a lot more than I expected. The redesign hit a lot of finder functionality that'd I'd say is relatively crucial (namely back/forward buttons, a table/details/ ls - l view and a path bar), but I love the modernized design language. MacOS's chrome really has a dated feel to it.

    Safari also lost back/forward buttons, which are rather important in a browser, even if I only use the trackpad for it.

    The space switching animations are nice, but overdone. they take long enough that they'd be in the way. The Finder dark mode shouldn't let in light from behind it - it's inconsistent and distracting.

    Criticisms aside, this design is a lot closer to something that could work than most OS concepts of this kind and I wish apple would bring some of the new design language to the Mac.

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