Advice on working abroad?

3 years ago from Renee P, Designer, NZ

  • Renee PRenee P, 3 years ago

    Hey Todd! Cheers for that, its really helpful getting tips from someone who's been there, done that. I'd be interested to hear how you found it working abroad compared to NZ. How much experience did you have before you left and did you find it hard/easy to find work being a foreigner?

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    • Account deleted 3 years ago

      Hey! I had 23 months experience when I left but thankfully I had a massive portfolio of web and digital work due to my job before I left. I've found working abroad much much easier than working in NZ. In NZ you kind of do whatever your told to do and adapt to different jobs as they come at you. In London especially you only do one job, and it is a much more relaxed atmosphere. In London it took me three days to find a job, and I freelanced for two years and the longest I was without a job was those initial three days because the demand for designers greatly outweighs the supply.

      One thing that recruiters really notice is what brands you have designed for, so shout that out on your portfolio.

      Don't do the typical shy-kiwi thing, talk about how good you are to them.

      Berlin was a bit trickier than London as there simply aren't as many jobs here. However that is rapidly changing and Berlin's startup scene is getting bigger by the day. Compared to London where I'd get hired after having a coffee in my 'interview', in Berlin its normal to have a Skype interview, in person interview and then some sort of design challenge, and the process can take 1 or two months.

      As far as Vancouver goes, I'm not too sure - Some of my friends who work in design moved there and they didn't have too much trouble getting jobs, but from what they said there are far fewer jobs there compared to London, but probably more than Auckland.

      Sorry for the rant, hope that helps

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      • Renee PRenee P, 3 years ago

        Sweet, that's awesome, glad to hear you found plenty of work! Interesting that you found London more relaxed, if anything was kinda worried that NZ would be more relaxed than most places and going abroad might be a little more intense haha. I'd be keen to try a bit of freelancing too but I guess, like you say, it depends on how much work is available. Cheers for all the tips man, definitely super helpful, chur.

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