Advice on working abroad?

3 years ago from Renee P, Designer, NZ

  • Tyce Clee, 3 years ago

    There's a fantastic 2yr working visa for Canada if you're under 31 that I would highly advise looking into. Canada is an incredibly welcoming and fun country to be in -- no matter which side of the country you land in. I would just say save as much as possible, apply for the visa and as some have said below start reaching out to companies you're interested in (maybe it's better after you have the visa so it's one less thing the employer will need to do?).

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    • Adam Karpisz, almost 3 years ago

      Just a quick question: is it under 31 or under 35? I get mixed information.

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    • Renee P, 3 years ago

      Thanks Tyce :) My friend and I are hoping to do a bit of travel in Canada potentially before settling in and starting work so getting the visa first would definitely be the way to go I'd say. Thanks for the advice!

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