The Industrialization of Product Design

almost 4 years ago from Nick Dominguez, Product Designer

  • Ian GoodeIan Goode, almost 4 years ago

    But the proliferation of design systems surfaces the fear that we'll no longer be designing thoughtful experiences but simply connecting predesigned blocks of content and applying preset behaviors that may or may not be appropriate to the solve the problem at hand.

    I think in some work environments this is a risk, but then those environments were likely doing that before anyway. Only difference is it's now somewhat more visible and formalised.

    The value in design systems for designers as I see it is that it actually frees you up from constantly re-inventing the wheel and it streamlines decisions made at the production end of things. Ideally, that then translates to more time and brainpower put towards the earlier problem-solving side of things.

    Like any tool or system, you gotta use it consciously and deliberately!

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