Finally got my new product design portfolio together.(

almost 4 years ago from Tregg Frank, Product Designer

  • Jon ParkinsonJon Parkinson, almost 4 years ago

    True. I've been looking into the CMS Cargo Collective 2. Pretty flexible (and no code).

    Also, what about content? I'm slightly more worried about the best way to show my UX work, a consistent way to display UI work and its endless device views, and navigating the minefield of ways to write (coherently) about the thought process of a project. The amount of detail @Tregg Frank goes into per-project is impressive, and to do that across all projects must of taken forever.

    If I rephrase the question - What do you think is the best way to document your work and the finished result in a portfolio format?

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    • Tregg FrankTregg Frank, almost 4 years ago

      Yeah, so like my other comment says, most of my content was already written in case study PDFs at the end of each project. That's my big tip: document as you go because it's hard to go back and write. That's obviously hard to fix retroactively haha.

      Cargo Collective is pretty great! I used them for my first portfolio. They had a DNS issue where my site was being blocked by campus firewalls when I parked my domain there. But actually making the sites is great and I'm sure that's fixed now.

      So yeah, the best way to document your work in a case study is to think of it like telling a story. Take pictures of all your research if you can (I forget to do this sometimes and end up with sections of me describing it without much to show) and create a narrative arch. Whats' the task, the problem, and the timeline? Why does this matter? What did you do to solve the problem? Did you change anything? Did the product grow or shift in making it? Where did you end up? What would you do next?

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